Precise control ensures our end products are of highest quality

We grow our own mushrooms or wild harvest them sustainably.

Every species has proven DNA identity.

We check our raw materials at each step before further processing.
Main Processing
Using cutting edge biotechnology approach, applied to perfect raw materials results in manufacturing of top quality products.
Double checking grades and set them up to the current standards.

Stable specifications and quality are one of our main aims.

Mushroom Powders Processing

Each species’ harvest is during the natural peak season.
Sun Dring

Sun drying is best and environmental friendly way. This also increase vitamin D content.


Initial grinding ease further sterilization.

Soften cellular wall and increase bio-availability on a later stage. Sustainable and not harmful.
Fine Milling
Milling to super fine powder. End product contain 100% mushroom fruiting body powder.

Mushroom Extracts Processing

  • Pre-extraction preparation include harvesting and cleaning, sun drying, checking raw material, crushing.

  • When first decoction is ready and strained mushroom particles are undergoing more times the previous step 3.

  • The process involves atomization of a liquid into sprays of droplets with a spray nozzle atomizer. The droplets lose moisture rapidly and dry when they meet a stream of hot air.

  • Filling extraction tanks with mushroom fruiting bodies chunks and purified water.


  • All remain liquid (mushroom decoction) goes to vacuum evaporation tank where it is concentrated to thick liquid.

  • Collecting dry extract powder. Packing.

  • Mixture is heated to boil and then after stays between 80-90C for hours.


  • Solution pass thought high-performance liquid chromatography column. This step adds an extra potency and purity to final extracts.

  • Final laboratory test for each batch.

1. For our dual extracts there is additional step between 5 and 6. It is one more alcohol and thermal treatment to extract all oil soluble ingredients such as triterpens and polyphenols.
2. There is on-site running testing during the whole process to ensure purity and the exact percentage of active ingredients