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Choose from our different grades. We do premix and encapsulation.

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      • labeling & packaging
      • premixing of raw materials
      • encapsulation, blistering
      • organic certification

Packaging options

      • jars or tubes
      • blistering (tablets or capsules)
      • custom size sachets and boxes
      • pouch bags
      • tins with inner layer
      • organic certified packaging facility

Ultimate super ingredient

      • functional super food
      • cosmetic enhancer
      • multi formulas ingredient
      • supplements
      • sport and diet nutrition
      • pet nutrition

Product development

Our team of nutritionists and herbalists can do product formulation for specific functionality.

We are also supplying additional ingredients if you need them.

Mushrooms Are The Ultimate Ingredient

Superfood Ingredient

Mushroom powders and

extracts are functional food


Supplements & Multi Formulas

Multi formulas, Herbal mixes, Formula enhancer, Functional superfood.

Sport & Diet Nutrition

For pre and post-workout

formulas. Free from allergens, could support weight balance.

Cosmetics Enchancer

Suitable for all skin types in serums, ointments,