Coprinus comatus

(Shaggy Ink Cap)

Coprinus comatus

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With its Latin name being Coprinus comatus, this fungus is commonly recognized as the Shaggy Inkcap, Ink cap, or the Lawyer’s Wig. It is notably conspicuous as an edible species, especially when young and fresh, and can be found thriving in diverse habitats such as meadows, woods, and roadside verges.

All mushroom powders and extracts are organic, certified according to:

EU, UK, Cosmos Organic Certificate

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Coprinus comatus

Main uses as Mushroom Powder:

  • Rich in coprinus lectins, antioxidants, polysaccharides, proteins, vitamins and minerals, it serves as a good source of fibers and natural vitamin D2
  • Offers a pleasant and mild mushroom flavor.
  • Utilized in cosmetics as a raw material, tailored to specific end-product applications.

Main uses as Mushroom Extract:

  • A 30% polysaccharides extract boasts a mild mushroom flavor, making it suitable for a wide array of savory, spicy, fruity, or sweet mixes. It is versatile for incorporation into chocolate and cocoa combinations.
  • The 50% extract provides a stronger flavor, albeit with a rather unpleasant taste, making it ideal for tableting or encapsulation, and offering greater therapeutic properties.
  • Suitable for seasoning and spices, dry meals, savory treats, beverages, protein mixes, and supplement formulations.

Main uses in Supplement Formulations:

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Antibacterial effects
  • Anticancer activity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Antiparasitic activity
  • Antiviral properties
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Bone health support
  • Cholesterol regulation
  • Cosmetic applications
  • Digestive health support
  • Hepatoprotective effects
  • Immune system modulation
  • Metabolic health support
  • Neuroprotective effects
  • Wound healing

Side Effects: Research regarding potential side effects is currently lacking; however, it is generally considered safe for use.

Interactions: Research on interactions with other substances is limited and remains unknown.

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